Aura Plus Setup (Mac)

Aura Plus is the premium version of Aura Clock Screensaver and includes 6 color themes. Here's how to install it!

Install Guide

Important: If you have Aura Free already, make sure you delete it within System Preferences before following the steps below. Navigate to the Screen Savers section of System Preferences ➤ find Aura Free on the left side, at the bottom ➤ right-click on the thumbnail ➤ hit "Delete". This will ensure the smoothest possible experience!

  1. Download the .zip via the link in the checkout page, or your confirmation email.
  2. On your Mac, open up the .zip file, then the .saver file inside. This will automatically launch System Preferences into the Screen Saver section, you can choose to install it for your own user account, or all user accounts on your machine.
  3. Select the Aura Clock Plus, and you're done!
  4. To change the color theme, select “Screen Saver Options” on the right-hand side. Under the “Theme” dropdown, you can pick between all color themes!
  5. To change the clock options, under the same "Screen Saver Options" menu “Clock” dropdown, you can pick between 12-hour, 12-hour with AM/PM, and 24-hour clock modes. 

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • Hover over the preview window on the right-hand side and hit “Preview” to check it out and pick your favorite theme!
  • Make sure “Show with clock” at the bottom of the System Preferences window is not checked, this will prevent the secondary gray rectangle clock from appearing
  • If “Screen Saver Options” is grayed out, try restarting System Preferences, or your computer
  • Make sure you’re on the latest macOS for the best compatibility (and no earlier than Mojave – Version 10.14)
  • Use the dropdown menu at the top of the window to customize how long after idle time Aura appears

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